Monday, May 23, 2011

Using Videos to Promote Campus Sustainability

Below is some correspondence between Tony Guerrero, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Facility Services and myself. I want to bring this idea to the attention of fellow students and get your feedback. Please either contact Tony at or myself (Maximilian Dixon) at Thank you.

(From Tony Guerrero)

Hello All,

I had the opportunity to meet with Mr. David Ryder, who is a UWB student and is very close to graduation.

He has created some very nice Videos for others on campus.  I am very interested in using his talents to promote our campus sustainability.  He stated that because he was graduating, that he will be going out on his own. I was wondering if we (UWB/ CCC/ Students) wanted to share in the cost to hire him and create some sustainability videos?  We can talk about the campus green features, history of the wetlands and its use as a living lab.

We can place these “sustainable” Youtube videos on the Campus Energy Dashboard.

Please review the following videos to see the quality of David’s work: Also, among the videos David created for UW Bothell are these on the UW Bothell student experience, student housing, and diversity:

(Response by: Maximilian Dixon)


I think that would be a fantastic idea. His videos are very well done and would be a great way to promote campus sustainability. Especially in conjunction with the Campus Energy Dashboard. We would have to discuss the costs, which topics/projects we want covered, where these videos could be placed in addition to the dashboard and who is paying what share. If students will be helping to cover these costs then we should have a solid seat at the table. Thank you Tony for bringing this opportunity to our attention.

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